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Our 500th Stupid Comic features some fast-paced manga comics!
Come to a land of mystery where slavery was never really abolished in this week's Stupid Comics!
Make friends with a literal bag of garbage at this week's Stupid Comics!
This week's Stupid Comics gets all romantic over football!
Hey folks, the newest Element of Surprise page is up now! I'm gonna be taking a break from both this and Georgie Girls so I can get some books for both to sell at the Cambridge comic book show in August! Which sucks for lack of updates but will be great to have BRAND NEW zines for both comics to get into the paws of anyone who wants them so stay tuned!
You have the right to remain sexy with tonight's Sexy Stupid Comics!

Jul. 24th, 2016

Listen to songs about all your fave video games... Pac Man, Space Invaders, and of course, Tammy, in Mister Kitty's newest podcast!!
BD stupides est maintenant prêt à être lu!!
It's later in the day than usual, but the newest Georgie Girls is now up!